domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Playlist nº 30 Balada de la cárcel de Wandsworth

La música que se llevó Julian Assange a la cárcel en su iPod. De espías, conspiraciones, secretos, mentiras; de la verdad, el silencio, la libertad de expresión, la vigilancia; sobre la pesadilla americana y sobre pudrirse en la cárcel.

1.Spies - Coldplay
I awake to see that no one is free /We're all fugitives, look at the way we live
2.I Spy For The FBI - Luther Ingram
I've got the facts in the file / Baby I don't have to guess
3.Yo soy quien espía los juegos de los niños - Ilegales
Yo soy quién espía los juegos de los niños, / si te despistas, estaré en tu bolsillo
4.I Spy - Dead Kennedys
Scared people will find out who you are / Alone in the world without your telephone beeper
5.Secret Agent Man - DEVO
Got the responsibility of our nation's top security / But every night and day
I salute the flag and say Thank you Jesus / Cause i'm, I'm a secret agent man
6.Trabajar para el enemigo - Siniestro Total
Trabajar para el enemigo es nuestra aspiración / y vender secretos de Estado a otra nación.
¡Viva la traición!
7.Conspiracy - Gang Starr
I hope you listen to the things that I'm sharing see / We all have a job to combat the conspiracy
8.Conspiración - Tote King
Es demasiado triste ser alguien despierto / ¿Dónde está mi ego cuando necesito de él?
9.Do you want to know a secret - The Beatles
Listen, Do you want to know a secret? /Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh
10.Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go-Gos
There's a weapon We must use / In our defense: Silence
11.Secretos y mentiras - Nacho Vegas
Jugamos a secretos y mentiras / y despues nos lamentamos
12.Time for Truth - The Jam
And you think that we're brain washed / And you're trying for a police state
13.Policy Of Truth - Depeche Mode
It's too late to change events / It's time to face the consequence
For delivering the proof /In the policy of truth
14.Give Me Some Truth - John Lennon
I’ve had enough of reading things / By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth / Just gimme some truth
15. Sweet Bird of Truth - The The
Should I cry like a baby, or die like a man / while all the planets little wars start joining hands?
16. Truth Hits Everybody -The Police
Take a look at my new toy /It’ll blow your head in two, o boy
Truth hits everybody /Truth hits everyone
17.Code Of Silence - Bruce Springsteen
We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong /But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
18.Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel
´Fools,´ said I, ´You do not know / silence like a cancer grows
19.Vigilante Man - Woody Guthrie
Have you seen that vigilante man? / I been hearin' his name all over the land
20.Free Speech for the Dumb - Metallica
Free speech free speech for the dumb / Free fucking speach
21.Big Brother - David Bowie
Someone to shame us, Someone to fool us, /someone like you We want you Big Brother
22.The Planner's Dream Went Wrong - The Jam
Letting loose the lunatics / wasn't the greatest of ideas
Giving them plans and money to squander /Should have been the worst of our fears
But planners just get embarrassed when their plans Go Wrong!
23.Straw Dogs - Stiff Little Fingers
Action men must sterling be /Fight for freedom but not for free
Bark and bite, might is right /If the price is right....Dogs of straw
24.Rocking in the free world - Neil Young
Got a man of the people, says keep hope alive/Got fuel to burn, got roads to drive.
25.Democracy - Leonard Cohen
It's coming from the feel /that this ain't exactly real,
or it's real, but it ain't exactly there. / Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.
26.American Gangster Time - Elvis Costello
Your dead little secrets are praised /The people stand dumbstruck and dazed
By the inches that you have erased
27.American Idiot - Green Day
Don't want a nation controlled by the media.
Information nation of hysteria /It's going out to idiot America
28.I'm So Bored With The USA - The Clash
Never mind the stars and stripes /Let's print the Watergate Tapes
I'll salute the New Wave /And I hope nobody escapes
29.Windowsill - Arcade Fire
Don't wanna give 'em my name and address / Don't wanna see what happens next
I don't wanna live in America no more
30.Rotting On Remand- Billy Bragg
I stood before the Judge that day / As he refused me bail
And I knew that I would spend my time / Awaiting trial in jail
I said there is no justice / As they led me out of the door
And the Judge said, ";This isn't a court of justice, son / This is a court of law."

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